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I have been using a HA but it no longer works.  The Baha has been recommended to me but I would like to talk to some people who have one.  I have lots of questions. Any help I would appreciate.  Had my surgery on May 6 2010 and got my processor (BP100) on July 12, 2010.  I had great difficulty getting it adjusted.  If I plugged my good ear I could hear some sound but without the good ear plugged I did not see any difference.  My audiologist said I would just have to get used to it.  Went to see another audiologist who began to work with the Cochlear rep.  The discovered that the bone was thick and wasn't making a proper transmission.  Got the new Baha 110  in July and I can now hear sound.  Sometimes I don't think it is working and I turn it off and I can tell the difference.  Glad I kept on the problem.  Never take NO for an answer!