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Hi everyone,

I had normal hearing until this past December.  I noticed some odd noises in my left ear that sounded like water gurgling but since it was getting close to Christmas with lots of things to do I ignored it.  It wasn't happening very often and it didn't hurt so.....it could wait until after the first of the year.  After a nice little get together with family on a Tuesday night I noticed I was dizzy.  I don't drink (much) so it wasn't that.  When I woke up it was worse so I called my dr.'s office and got an appointment for that afternoon.  By then the world was spinning and I was throwing up every 15 minutes and couldn't drive to the appointment.  The next morning my hearing in my left ear was gone and hasn't come back since.

My doctors at Kelsey Sebold have been great.  When steroids didn't help they recommended the BAHA.  Insurance covered the procedure and after lots of research I decided to go ahead with the operation.  I had my surgery yesterday afternoon and today I have no pain.  My only issue has been with the tape that held the protective cup over my ear.  It must have slid around during the night and the tape was firmly affixed to the hair around my face.  Now that hurt!  As you can see, if removing tape hurt more than the after effects of the surgery then I'm feeling pretty good.

I should have my BP100 sometime in September.  I'll let you know how that goes.




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