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Remote Assistant Help-Pairing (Even a caveman can do it!)

February 10, 2010
posted by  Brandy H, Cochlear Staff


How to pair your remote assistant with your processor:


1)  Turn off the processor  (press & hold the lower button)

2)  Press Pair on the RA (the lower right soft key) to begin pairing

3)  Screen appears: Turn the processor on (press & hold the lower button)

4)  Audible beep will come from RA.  Screen with yellow coil will appear if coil is not in place over the correct implant.   Press the Cochlear key to acknowledge the status.

5)  Green icon with white check will appear on RA upon successful pairing.

6)  Bilateral users:  Press Pair 2nd and repeat steps 1, 2 & 3

7)  Press Cochlear key to return to home screen.


Just being funny- but you CAN do this!



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Shelley E -Cochlear Volunteer

February 10, 2010

Thanks, I am going to print this and keep it!
SharonC -Edmondson Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

February 10, 2010

Me too Shelly I think even I can do this. Thanks!

February 10, 2010


February 10, 2010

Can't wait to A day 3/5 to try it out. Thanks.

February 11, 2010

But where do we find that CUTE caveman? MY problem was the screen I needed wouldn't come up. Got some other bogus screen, pressed all the buttons and got nowhere. SO I called Cochlear 1-800-523-5798 and they connected me to the audiologist on call. Turns out it's an old friend of mine whom I haven't seen since she stopped working sales and went back to just being an audiologist. She guided me right through the process. But still could use a Caveman. Or as Cole Porter once wrote, "I don't mean the kind that belongs to a Club, but the kind that has a club that belongs to him". From Find me a Primitive Man! Denise
Brandy H, Cochlear Staff

February 16, 2010

Everyone is looking for a man, hopefully someone a little more polished than a caveman! Did you get your screen issue resolved?
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