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After wearing hearing aids for over 35 years my audiologist suggested I be evaluated for implants. I was tested and recommended for implants in both ears. The surgery was done on both sides January 14, 2016. I was activated on Feburary 15, 2016, just a little over three months ago.


I have to admit this was a life changing event for me , my wife , other family members and friends. I told one friend it was like coming back into the world. Driving home from the activation I heard sounds that I had not heard for years. The turn blinker, wind shield wipers , road traffic , siren of ambulance  were all new to me.


During the the following weeks many new sounds were introduced. I must admit the Cochlear Inplants make me feel younger and more comfortable in social settings.


I highly recomend Angel Sound for rehab. It is easy to download  and use on your desk top computer. Also I enjoy music on Pandora, which is free and has the lyrics for most songs.


 One reason I  chose Cochlear is the wireless devices. I make use of  the mini mic, phone clip, and TV streamer.


I believe my journey with Inplants is just beginning . I look forward to lots of new experiences in the days ahead. 

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