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Bilateral Cochlear Implants

This group is for people who have bilateral cochlear implants or are considering going bilateral. We are here to ask questions, provide information, support and...


Ever feel overwhelmed from the mapping jargon? Or excited/frustrated with a recent map? Come on in and join this group. This is a place where we can learn,...

WALK 4 HEARING - Cochlear America Team

ATTENTION WALKERS: Let's get together and "WALK 4 HEARING" as a Cochlear America Team!!!

CI Outdoors

This group is to share ideas for CI care during travel, recreation, and bad weather, or any unusual condition where it's hard to properly care for your...

Awareness in Action

Please join the Awareness in Action group and share your awareness efforts, photos and videos!  Discover new ideas on how to raise awareness for hearing loss,...

Colorado Members

A group for recipients and candidates from Colorado to discuss topics, events and discuss general awareness.

Nucleus 5 User's Group

Purpose: To share information about the Nucleus 5, and give help to new users and those who are considering a Nucleus Cochlear Implant.  Discussions &...

Music lovers

This is a sight designed for those who love listening to music for relaxation and enjoyment.  Any advice or story about your experience or help can be shared.