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John Ayers BCI/Researcher/Author

It is our privilege to serve humankind and the Lord through the hearing loss community.The ride has been tremendous and the opportunities...


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Hi my name is Kimmy, I was born severely deaf, although hearing aids helped me from the time they found my deafness which was at the age...


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Chris H. Regional Manager, Consumer Engagment

My Baha system has changed my life in ways that I find amazing.  In September, 2008 my processor was activated and I could hear again,...

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TJ Smelko- Cochlear Ambassador

A special young man with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss as a definite diagnosis since infancy due to premature birth and/or...

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Hi, I’m Daniela - I'm a bilateral CI recipient. I was simultaneously implanted in April 2010, with the Nucleus 5. I'm very happy with...

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Judy G. Martin - Hearing Loss Advocate

I have had a hearing loss beginning at about the age of seven. It might have been caused by the measles when I was five or six years old...


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Denise Portis

I grew up with normal hearing. I was raised on a ranch in a farming community in southeast Colorado. I knew what the sound of the...

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Michael Noble - A Cochlear Staff

 "Your son, Michael, will never be able to hear, speak, or do the things a normal hearing person would do,” my parents were told.  I...

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Cathy M

I started losing my hearing around the age of 4 or 5.  The doctors thought it was due to the mumps.  I remember having a lot of ear...

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Hi. My name is John and I am a 57 year old man living in Cedar R aapids, Iowa. I had a severe case of bacterial menengitis 15 years ago....

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