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Dan N - Cochlear Awareness Volunteer (Baha)

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Two Time Heismann Trophey winner Archie Griffin and my youngest daughter

Our youngest daughter was attending The Ohio State University Class Ring Ceremony. She graduated in 2008 with her Masters Degree and now teaches Physics to Sophomores and Theater in high school.



July 04, 2009

awesome story--what a great family!
Dan N - Cochlear Awareness Volunteer (Baha)

July 04, 2009

Thanks Kathleen. To put things into perspective, my daughter is 5'-1" tall. As you can see, Archie is 5'-5", but wow, could the man runu with the football.
Paula M - Bilateral Recipient/Community Volunteer

July 06, 2009

Great picture...I was thinking your daugther must be tall...as most football guys are big and she is not that much shorter....so your perspective does clarify that thought. Just goes to show you dynamite does come in little packages...at 5'5" they couldn't even see him on the field.... that's great....