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EJ Cochlear Awareness Network Ambassador

I have had my Implant since 6 December 2005 and I do not wear an aid.  I lost my hearing while serving in the U.S. Army. I was in...

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Feb 2015. I have now met the criteria for a Cochlear implant. I'm investigating all of the options open to those of us in St....

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John Ayers BCI/Researcher/Author

It is our privilege to serve humankind and the Lord through the hearing loss community.The ride has been tremendous and the opportunities...


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Wayne P (Gatorfan)

Hi Everyone,I want to welcome you all to the great Cochlear Community . The Cochlear Community and it's members provided me the...

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2CI Ears--Connie J. Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

I began my cochlear implant journey in utero so to speak (long before there were any cochlear implants) as my family has a strong family...


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Parri T - Consumer Engagement

Hi! I received my first CI in 2006, 5 years after I knew I was a candidate. My progressive hearing loss was first diagnosed as...


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Jason Wigand - Cochlear Awareness Volunteer and AuD

Some boys want to be astronauts, race car drivers, policemen, or firemen.  I wanted to be an Army officer.  My father always said you...


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Greg White - Engagement Manager

According to the first doctor my parents consulted about my suspected hearing loss when I was eight months old, I would never be able to...


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Chris H. Regional Manager, Consumer Engagment

My Baha system has changed my life in ways that I find amazing.  In September, 2008 my processor was activated and I could hear again,...

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Mike J

 I have partial progressive single-sided deafness from Meniere's Disease. I had my BAHA Connect surgery on June 26, 2014. I have the...

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