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I was born with normal hearing in both ears and enjoyed that world until I was in my mid 20's and noticed a loss in one ear which seemed...

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Hi I'm Celtic Lass aka Sunny Rieker. I am originally from Chicago but have also lived around the US and around the world.   So while...

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Rustycms~ Cochlear Awareness Network Ambassador

I have been Hearing Impaired all my life (nerve deafness, they said at the  audiologist) , a teacher noticed when I was 10, because I...


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Kris S

Until three years ago this month I had perfect hearing in both ears. I had never had an ear infection even as a child. Then on January 8...

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grammaK (Karen)

     Although I didn't go to have my hearing tested until I was 38 years old, I now know I was not hearing what others were hearing...


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Chris H. Regional Manager, Consumer Engagment

My Baha system has changed my life in ways that I find amazing.  In September, 2008 my processor was activated and I could hear again,...

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Olivia Williams

Hi I'm Olivia, I'm 19 years old, I'm a fraternal twin and I was born prematurely at 33 weeks in July 1995. I had to stay in the hospital...

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Paula M - Engagement Manager

Hello and welcome to the Cochlear Community!This is a GREAT Community of people just like you!  Whether you are researching implantable...


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SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

 DFW FUN EVENTI CAN HEAR YOU!!! Hi my name is Sharon I suffered from sudden onset deafness, after coming out of a coma. They say it was...


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TJ Smelko- Cochlear Ambassador

A special young man with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss as a definite diagnosis since infancy due to premature birth and/or...

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