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New Map ~ huge improvement ~ also Cricket update

July 02, 2011
posted by  Rustycms~ Cochlear Awareness Network Ambassador

Hi Everyone ~
                ~I had a map June 28th and WOW !!  I am  having more CI moments. This map has made a tremendous difference in the soft sounds . My audi adjusted me with the beeps and  said that I am picking up a lot more soft sounds. I asked her to test me before and after the map. I was down to 80% and up to 88% after the map. I had noticed that I was losing a bit of comprehension and saying "pardon me " a little more often. I have asked my family to notice things like this and  they, too, said I was missing more words. So I changed the 6 month map to a 5 month . It is like being reactivated  ~~~ my hydraulics on the tractor sound like a rattlesnake when raising and lowering the bucket or bushog. I though I had a leak somewhere ! My cats meow louder~ my washing machine is noisy  ~ sounds like it's falling apart~ clanking . My brother says that's normal ~~ yikes~. My InstaHot water faucet hisses really loud when it's replenishing water in the tank , that took me 3 days to figure that  out because it only lasted a few seconds . My cuckoo clock has an incessant  ticking pendulum . I heard 2 different bird songs today on the porch . Turkey buzzards squawk overhead wonder if they are conversing ~  I guess the sounds have been there all along but I wasn't hearing them. It must be the different frequencies that she adjusted . I am in the "normal" range of hearing in the mid range frequencies. The difference was immediate to me. I keep wondering ~ If I was hearing so much and so good before  and with the added sounds now ~ how much better  can it get !! Whoo hooo !
            My remote was upgraded ~ I went to listen to acoustic music that evening to "hear"  the difference .There was a lot more definition of the instruments .   Egad !! my remote was "useless" I tried everything ~ couldn't get to any menus . I didn't panic , as I was going again the next day ~Cricket was getting her first map ~. The next morning I tried again ~ same results ~I went to the Cochlear site and clicked on Support ~ View all Support ~ aha there was a column Nucleus 5 support  Scanning down that I found Nucleus CR110 Remote Assistant Interactive Guide  and a interactive guide and info about the update . I put my remote  in the Demo mode and learned everything I needed to know ~It was all a matter of using different buttons than the ones I was used to ~love the new visibility and the options  ~Thanks Cochlear ~ amazing, I love  the support accessibility on the home page. I was in the Simple mode and needed to go to the Advanced to "have it all " .
              My Cochlear Implant newspaper story is making it's way around the world~ LOL  it was translated to German and my cousin in Germany is sharing  the story ~ She travels a lot and has friends all over the world.   I saw my  Celebration video  on the Cochlear Home page ~along with Margo and Tywanna's and the rest of them what a neat idea and great way to share  ~. I love the everyone's thoughts and the sharing of these.  
             Cricket's update~ she's doing amazing ~ found out her cats are very vocal ~ she is using the WD40 ~ hahaha !! she hears all the household noises , the kids in the neighborhood running up and down the street ~ she heard cicadas , bird songs, I had looped her house  so her  Audi turned in the T~Coil for her. She's understanding more and more~ she said there was a huge difference in the step up volume programs . . Cricket said she  felt like she was in a pinball machine with all the bells, whistles and noise  when Karen turned on the new map~ ~ too funny hahaha  Karen said she may add  the noise program next time as she's doing so well  ~~ Life is Good , Blessings abound .
           Wishing everyone  a wonderful summer  Love and hug's  to all  , Rusty
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