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Traveling Solo

July 01, 2011
posted by  Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

I may have told some of you this story but bear with me while I share with the rest of you...


I was traveling solo last weekend and haven't stayed in a hotel by myself in quite a while. Probably never. Anyway, when I arrived last weekend at the hotel late at night, I realized that I had no way to wake myself up the next morning! I had to meet people at the front lobby at 7:30 a.m.  It's now 1 a.m. and I'm verrry t.i.r.e.d.


So, I decide to leave one of my CI's on so I can sleep on the non-ci side. I set the hotel alarm and decided to take a chance....


tick .. tock  .. tick... tock... I kep waking up every half hour or so whenever I heard the airconditioning fan come on, someone down the hall opened/closed their door, or something!  I was getting annoyed because I'm so used to sleeping in silence and knowing my bed alarm at home or husband can wake me up. I was paranoid now.


Then I fell asleep only to wake up to this other sound...the sound of my breathing!  I know I breathe pretty soundly when I sleep but this was ridiculous. I kept waking myself up!  Now I'm really struggling to block this out and get back to sleep. 


tick... tock...tick...tock.


Finally I woke up 5:59 (one minute before the dumb alarm was set to ring). Ugh! 


Go figure huh?


Have a GREAT weekend everyone!Laughing

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Joe M. - Cochlear Ambassador

July 01, 2011

That is too true when traveling. I usually leave the curtain open a little bit. When it gets light I wake up. No I am up at 4:30 in the morning. I guess it only works a couple of times a year. But the bed shaker does get me up. Joe
Karen P. Cochlear Awareness Network Volunteer

July 01, 2011

Debbie...this was my first solo flight & hotel stay as well! I know what you went through and ugh is the best way to describe it, haha. You didn't look sleepy Saturday morning!!

July 01, 2011

I proably would wake up too every hour until i had to get up. What about your Cell phone on vibration. I did that when I first got my CI and slept in the recliner so i could get up and get ready for work..
Danielle Nicosia Cochlear Volunteer

July 01, 2011

Wow when you go away you should tell the hotel that you are deaf and they will give you an alarm clock that vibrates under the bed. its great.. I learned my lesson when i went to hershey park 3 years ago and there was a fire and i didnt hear anything i was in the shower and everyone was outside and i couldnt get out. So I learned that to SPEAK UP tell the hotel that i am deaf and they will give me the room that has the strobe light, alarm bed shaker.
DeniseV- Cochlear Ambassador AZ

July 01, 2011

Hey Deb.....Can I relate!!!However, I brought the old "Sonic BOOM" alarm clock this time...A few weeks ago I was traveling solo and forgot it ; ( That cured me...LOL!!! So I think it was the first thing I packed ;)It is so funny that so many little things are soooooo important...Was great to meet you and all the folks that were there...We will keep in touch ; 0 )I am getting better at this Community stuff...LOL!
Julie Martin-Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

July 01, 2011

I bought a sonic boom travel clock just in time for the trip. I woke up every morning 15 mins before the shaker went I never really got to test it out but I had it clipped to my pillow every night last weekend anticipating it to go off....glad my brain woke up early. I used to put my cell phone on vibrate and it has worked every time...but for this trip I went ahead and got the travel clock because I am going on another trip next week and have conferences to wake up for I am glad I tried it out for the training weekend. Love it!
Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

July 05, 2011

LOL - Actually someone mentioned to me the next morning to try using my cell phone on vibrate and I did the next night..It worked only I woke up a minute before it went off. Go figure huh?
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