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January 18, 2010
posted by  Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

I am still experiencing that "roaring or buzzing" in my head form my tinnitus and I was hoping that by now, it would have diminished more. I'm feeling a little discouraged today about it. It's prevented me from hearing some other noises like the teapot. I noticed that when it was whistling, it wasn't triggering anything in my to say, "oh, the teapot is whistling". (sigh)


I guess I'm just feeling a little down today about it and hope that next week at my next mapping and doc's appointment, they can help tweek things to improve this buzzing noise I hear (even without the CI but when it's off, it's not as loud).  I'm writing tons of notes about what I noticed is weak and what is too strong so perhaps there is something with the frequencies that is keeping the buzzing/roaring going. I just want to hear quiet and what I'm supposed to hear. Not this constant background noise.


Sorry for the downer of a blog. It's very tiresome and I'm trying to be patient.


On a lighter note, I'm taking my two sweet daughters skiing tomorrow so it'll be a wonderful distraction for me then.





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JBWestlake - Cochlear Awareness Volunteer

January 18, 2010

Debbie - I suffer from this, too. I have never had tinnitus until after my surgery. I was told it would subside, but almost 8 weeks later I am still having bouts. With me, it comes and goes but lately when it does come it's as loud as ever. Sounds like a jet flying around in my head and it's very discouraging. I'm not sure what actually sets it off and my audi says there really isn't anything she can do about it. In fact, my original activation was very frustrating because I was having a serious bout at that time. We kept waiting for it to subside so I could concentrate on the beep and things for her testing. I've read a lot of blogs recently about tinnitus and let's hope for all our sakes that it eventually disappears. Enjoy your trip!
Parri T - Consumer Engagement

January 18, 2010

Hi Debbie, I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time right now. I think it's great you're keeping track of everything to take in to your audiologist. Hopefully she'll be able to tweak a few things and you'll be on your way. Hang in there.
SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

January 18, 2010

Hi Debbie as Parri said keep taking the notes. I honestly am not sure what is going on with the tinnitus issue. There are days where it feels under control. Then days like you two above have said. The tinnitus had totally subsided in the left side of my head and was only in right hearing side. As of recently it has returned to both sides since the N5 implant. I am beginning to wonder about this and if it is because there are more pitches to learn. I hope for all of us it subsides soon. Knowing Cochlear Americas they are probably doing some studies to figure this out as we never heard much about this problem until the N5 I just know they will get this resolved. I will be interested to see how this affects Margo or if it does she will know, and with her experience will have some tips. I am not sorry for having my Surgeries I love my CI's just a little tweak in the road. I know we have to remember that the Audi's are still learning along with us, and we are with the best,. You know Debbi it can get you a little down and that is understandable I have had that same experience. I have found the busier I keep or do some books on CD' or Ipods it gets my mind focused on something else.That seems to help me. Be sure and let us know how it goes and any little pointer's or adjustments that might help us. SharonC
Karen (aka grammaK)

January 18, 2010

Debbie, I notice my tinnitus more when I take my processor off...and for me it seems to get louder after I have been around loud noise for awhile. Thankfully, I have not had the really loud roaring (like a jet plane ready for take-off) that was present 3 weeks after I was activated. I hope your ski day tomorrow helps take your mind off of it - enjoy the day =) ~Karen

January 18, 2010

Sorry to read about your dizziness and not being able to hear what you would like to. From qhat others have said about tinnitis is gets better. For me I never had that so am grateful. You have a nice day tomorrow skiing and don't fall on your head!!! Barb
MargoK-Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

January 18, 2010

Tinnitus is so unique to the individual and even to each ear. Some people never have tinnitus. Others are challenged with it after ci surgery but it lessens over time. Some people have tinnitus that is always there, sometimes less so and other times more annoying. I have tinnitus. My right ear developed tinnitus after I became deaf in 1977. Having a cochlear implant in that ear has helped my tinnitus. That ear's tinnitus is masked when my speech processor is on. When I'm not wearing the processor, the tinnitus gets louder the longer I'm not connected. In my younger years, I found that a couple days before a menstrual period that my tinnitus would be worse-go figure. On the other hand, the young ci ear never had tinnitus until it had a cochlear implant. When I wear the processor, the tinnitus acts up. Without the processor, I don't have tinnitus. Fatigue or being in a noisy environment for a period of time can make the tinnitus worse. I found something that works for me. I have my 4 program slots set up so that two slots have a softer map and two slots have a louder map. Each section has an everyday slot and a focus slot. That way if the tinnitus is going full blast, I switch to my softer map in the first two slots. Fatigue is a common denominator in my tinnitus for both ears. If I find myself getting fatigued, it is important to take some time to relax. I use some relaxation exercises, which seem to help me. I've heard where some people have found a caffeine connection with tinnitus. For me, that is not a trigger. I'm glad that you are trying to see if you discover some triggers with your tinnitus and that your ci audiologist is working with you to see if she can find some solutions that will help. I hope that your tinnitus ends up lessening over time. I definitely understand your fatigue over trying to separate sounds from tinnitus-that can be hard work. Have a wonderful day skiing with your daughters-that should be a fun and relaxing activity. with double ci joy, Margo
SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

January 19, 2010

Oh Margo thank you so much for answering with another infornmative blog. I just knew you would know something to at least try and since this works for you I am going to copy this and do the 4 slots of mapping in a manner that you are using and see if that works. It does seem to act up more with the processor on than off. A softer map for these times makes so much sense. I hope Debbie gets this info in time to take to her Audi it just might really be the thing she is searching for that will bring some relief. Margo you are awesome thank you so much for all your input it always helps someone. SharonC
Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

January 20, 2010

Thank you all for your words of support. I was able to have a wonderful day yesterday with my 2 daughters (7 & 5), my sister and her three kids (9, 7, and 5) and her friend with a 4 1/2 year old. All the kids were in ski school for the morning except my youngest. This was her first time skiing and I thought it would be best if I showed her the ropes. She did FANTASTIC and she was soo cute in those little boots and skis! She LOVED it and picked it up pretty quickly. We spent the morning on the bunny hill and had a wonderful time! Then we joined the rest of the group at lunchtime after their lessons and went skiing together. The kids had a fantastic time and all the kids didn't want to leave when 4:30 rolled around. All the moms were TIRED and could barely make the 2 hour drive home! The girls slept in the car and didn't wake when we carried them up to bed. They were zonked! Smiles!
Linda H

January 22, 2010

Hi Debbie, I am so glad you had a nice day and took your girls skiing. It is good to try to keep busy and keep your mind off it. I too, had tinnitus after my second implant. I remember waking up one night just after activation, jumping out of bed thinking a jet crashed in our house! It was loud. I was scared that my internal processor blew and wanted to call my surgeon. It kept coming and going where the noise would last for a half hour to an hour aand go away for three, very annoying and frustrating. I kept a diary of what I ate, where I was to try to pinpoint what triggered the noise. There was no common denominator of what could be the cause of it. I called my audiologist and she said it will go away relax(as Margot mentioned, it is a good suggestion) Thankfully, my tinnitus did go away after several weeks and I am sure yours will to. It is hard to be patient but have confidence and keep wearing your processor. You did not say when your activation was. Was it in the last month? I still do have it right after I shut my processor off but it does not last long and I know what it is. Please let me know if I can help any further.
Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

January 22, 2010

Linda, you can check out my blog at for details....or my profile. I'm seeing that alot of people have that roaring so I am hoping that eventually goes away. Some days are better than others. Patience.
Carla B - Awareness Network Volunteer

February 08, 2010

Debbie, sorry to hear you're experiencing the tinnitus. I used to have it all the time until I got the CIs. Then it disappeared. However, having said this, I've been diagnosed this year with Meniere's Disease, which apparently was the cause of my sudden additional hearing loss 13 years ago that left me unable to understand anyone without reading lips. I've had 3 bouts of severe vertigo in the past few months where I had to lay in bed for hours before I can even move or I'll get sick. I don't think the CIs set it off, just what I've had all along that wasn't diagnosed. I'm on a couple meds to help with water buildup in the inner ear and I think it helps. Early on in my activiation, I did have some weird loud noise that showed up when I first turned them on but it went away after 10 minutes after wearing them. This was in the first few weeks of activation. And I would hear them again after I turned them off at night time. It did go away and hasn't come back so maybe it's possible I was experiencing a little bit of tinnitus at that time? Hang in there and I hope it gets better.

February 14, 2010

Hi Deb, How long did you not hear from the implanted ear before the activation day? Sometimes, when the ear hasn't heard sound in a long time, tinnitus happens when the ear is stimulated. I remember one time, I did not wear a hearing aid for 3 months due to a repair. When I put it back on after 3 months, tinnitus came on right away. It took about a week for it to subside. Could that be the case with you? Regards, PinkDot.

February 05, 2014

I have recently been getting the buzzing when in M mode. It is an intermittent problem and often clears up after about half an hour. The problem occurs when not near any interference. Any ideas?
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