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Friends in the Right Places

October 05, 2009
posted by  EllenBR

It continues to amaze me - the number of new people and friends I make in this CI community.


The information that everyone shares is valuable, but the support and encouragement offered is priceless.


Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

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October 05, 2009

You are welcome!!!!
SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

October 05, 2009

Ellen you are so right and so welcome. The encouragement you have offered is also priceless-SharonC

October 05, 2009

Ellen, you are so welcome!!!!!! I just wish I could do for you like you will be able to do for me. I will be relying on what you tell me about your experience to tell me what to expect in my experience. Does that make sense to you??? Thanks ever so much for being my friend. JDavid

October 05, 2009

I'll give it my best shot JDavid!

October 06, 2009

You are welcome many times. I thank you! ~ Robert
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