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3rd Mapping-Sept 23rd

September 24, 2009
posted by  CathyAM

Sept. 23rd, I went in for my 3rd mapping and hoping I got my Freedom. Last two mappings I did not recieve my Freedom because the order got mess up and they apologize me. I worn the loan Freedom untill I recieve my Freedom. So I got it and now I have to wait 1 week for the Cochlear company got my serial number of my Freedom then I can call them (Cochlear Company) to order my Nucleus 5 and get me on waitng list. I can't wait to call them next week to get on list. My audiologist told me that I am getting Nucleus 5 with trade at no cost. Thanks goodness.


I did WELL on tones tests. My audiologist, Heather was real please with my hearing. She even got me try to listen to words. I was nervous and wonder how I did. But she gave me list of words where I can try to guess the words. Well, I was SURPRISED I went from 30% to 85%!!!!!!! But words are not as clear and crystal yet. Lot of very low tones and noisy background. I was real please with myself, too.


I still have problems with noises in the shop where I work at Tinker Air Force Base. Every time I walk out into shop, man, so loud and had hard time to change the level. I CAN'T wait to get Nucleus 5 where I can use remote control to control noise quickly!!!!!! I'll be patience and wait and focus what I have now.


I can hear peoples talking, and couldn't make out the words yet. I know I will some day. I picked up dogs barking from distance at the dog park. Very low tone and I was exciting to hear dogs barking. I been listening to musics in my car (CD) and really picking up drums and beats everyday. I love music!!  It keeps me going. I can hear air condition running in office and in my house. I never heard the noise from A/C in my house before and realize WOW, I didn't know it's that loud. I can hear the dryer running from living room but still can't hear buzzer yet. The water fountain outside, I can almost hear it loud and clear. It was good feeling to hear the water fountain. It different from the fountain to spigot. While water was running, it sounds like shhhhhhhh. I not even sure if that what it should sound like. I can hear it. My dogs claws tapping on wood floor, their tags hit each other sounds like jungle bell. Every time I hear that, here come my dog(s).

There lot of others sounds that I never heard before and I was like what was that??? I laugh myself.


Overall...I doing well so far and my feelings is getting better and getting exciting to hear something new. I'm so glad I did it and be able to hear real world that I haven't heard since I was born. WOW...


Margo.....thanks for reminder on Magic "P" Words!!!!!!! I got sticking on my computer, refridgator, car, everywhere I can see it to remind me. It helps!!!!!!!! You're great!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!


Will post more later.......Have Great Autumn Days!!!!!!!! God Bless You all. I love you all.......thanks for all your support and prayers. You all are in my prayer, too.



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September 24, 2009

Wow! That's great Cathy. I sure hope that you can get your nucleus 5 soon. Won't it be great to have the latest technology and not have to pay for it makes that even better. Keep LISTENING. I'm praying for you.

September 24, 2009

That is awesome Cathy, I am glad that you will get the nucleus 5 at no charge. I am going back on the 8th of October I am hoping I will be able to upgrade at no charge too. You are doing great, isn't it amazing how you think you will score bad and you surprise yoursef!

September 24, 2009

Cathy, my happiness for you is bubbling over. You are doing great!

September 24, 2009

You are so cool! In the hearing world we take so much of this for granted - you nailed the water house - it does sound that way. And the dog claws and jingling tags - here comes the PACK! Such fun for you! Congratulations! Fantastic you're receiving the new gear free! You go girl! Ellen
Lisa W.

September 24, 2009

Cathy sounds like you're on roll with all the new sounds you have been able to pick up and understand what they are! Ah the sounds of my dogs nails clicking on the floor I too know they are nearby! Wow that is so great you will get Nucleus 5 at no costs! Best of luck on your hearing journey with CI! Lisa W. :)

September 25, 2009

Hello Cathy,such a awesome progress and awesome news for Nucleus 5.Congratulations.I am so happy for you and rejoice with you like Margo..!! I wish you Good luck and a lot of success in CI journey..!! ~Harman

October 21, 2009

Thank You all of you!!!!! I'm doing good. I will get N5 in about 4 weeks which around Thanksgiving. I hope. Can't wait!!!!! I love you all. Take care.

October 21, 2009

Loved reading your blog post. I am very happy for you as well. It makes me less nervous and more excited to get activated on 11/2. Give Summer and Runway big hugs from me!
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