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Moving Forward

March 03, 2012
posted by  KenM

Well, my surgery is scheduled for May 22nd. Couldn't do it earlier due to work committments. Will implant my left ear (the bad one-well, the really bad one). Once again, thanks to all of you for your info, comments and encouragement! Have to handle all of the pre-op stuff but plenty of time for that. I am praying that God will allow my brain to work as He has designed it and that the implant will work as it is designed to provide me with improved hearing. I feel good about our choice of surgeon and audiologist and leave my fate in their capable hands. Now I pray for peace and patience until the day that I hear the birds again.
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Karen (aka grammaK)

March 03, 2012

May 22 will allow you plenty of time to get all the pre-op requirements fulfilled without being rushed - best wishes as you move forward with a CI. Birds are a noisy bunch, but so good to hear them!!
SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

March 03, 2012

With the way your brain was designed. And the Technology man has created you can't lose. It is two wins. ~SharonC~
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