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December 29, 2010
posted by  Ilene - Cochlear Awareness Network Volunteer


A new year is upon us.  A time when people vow to lose weight, stop smoking, change jobs, be more tolerant, etc.  A time for many to reflect on their joys and regrets of the past 12 months.


I don't do that.  If there is a change to be made or something to accomplish in my life, I try to do that on any or every day, not just the beginning of a new year.  While the intention of making resolutions is good, the actual sticking to it can become difficult.  The inability to accomplish a resolution can set ourselves up for major disappointment.  I prefer a less stringent approach without a losing edge.


I try not to reflect much on what has happened in the past.  Whatever my decisions were at that time, good or bad, right or wrong, they have helped me to evolve into who I am now.  Not all the days were sunny and warm but the dark cold ones showed me how to hold onto hope and be appreciative.


I prefer to use this time of year to look deep into my heart and follow the voice that has no list of material items or resolution, but one of spirit.  The voice within that whispers a goal that only those with heart can reach.


Happy New Year to all!


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TJ Smelko- Cochlear Ambassador

December 29, 2010

Ilene: The best advice I can give you is just basically imagine yourself as SuperWoman. You see the comic series of Superman which it explains how Superman looks ahead into the bright beginnings feeling the power of success. Think if as Superman or Superwoman who has SuperHearing and wearing a CI of course can help you fight off the dread of the past and opening a new world of many possibilities in the presence and future. That's what I do..I'll explain more in a blog later this week about this and you'll see the true meaning of victory without failure. Happy New Year, TJ

January 06, 2011

Great attitude, Ilene, making every day count. I like it!

January 06, 2011

Ilene, I am just seeing this post now. I love your attitude and your mind set. The inner spirit of each of us is what counts. Deep within ourselves we can find so many answers and also the right direction to follow. You are a brave woman and a person of conviction. Do not look back too much is excellent advice for all of us. With my best wishes, Iola Hope

January 07, 2011

Illene , Great post. Wish you the best this comming year. Marving

January 07, 2011

Beautiful post,, love it! *hugs* - Jeff

January 07, 2011

Hi Ilene, I'm like you. I don't make New Year's resolutions. I would rather have everyday count also. Loved and the post and the best in the upcoming year. Carrie
SharonC -Edmondson Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

January 22, 2011

Ilene there is such true insight in this post. It can sure fit into our lives at one time or another can't it. This just shows why you are such a greast addition to our team. Thank you so much for this well thought out blog. ~SharonC~

January 23, 2011

Well if you read the stats, you probably know that most people who make New Year resolutions last about 2 weeks if that. And I like your attitude to Ilene, because if you didn't have cloudy days, you would never know just how wonderful those sunny days were, so you learn a lot when you deal with both the bad days and the good ones. They just make you stronger.

July 12, 2011

Hi Ilene, How did I miss this post?? Well, half of the year is over and I think your attitude is the correct one (even though it is July now!!!!!). Otherwise, we'd all be here moaning about the things that we strove to perfect that never came to pass. So, here's to tomorrow, another day to attempt to be and do what is possible. Hugs, ~Sherree
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