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I am a 61 year old recently retired registered nurse case manager who is presently exploring the possibility of getting the second CI. I first noticed deafness in my left implanted (2002) ear when I was a teen, not being able to hear the clock ticking in my room with that ear. I got my first left hearing aid at age 27, second at age 28. My deafness progressed in severity and was called sensorineural with cause unknown. It was not until after my first failed CI surgery in Nov 2001 (electrodes ended up in middle ear) that I was given the diagnosis of otosclerosis. After successful implant in March 2002 I worked very hard on aural rehabilitation listening exercises with the left ear for almost a year then returned to work. I wear both a right hearing aid and left CI at all times. The hearing aid is the strongest available and I can no longer understand much on the phone so it is providing me very minimal benefit. This is why I am considering a second implant. I have much trepidation however, based on my first experience.  

I also enjoy participating in cochlear implant research and wish to continue to do this more now that I have more time. The cochlear implant is a remarkable device. It restored my ability to function in my career.