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I lost my hearing at 6:35 am on February 12, 2009.  Now that is sudden sensory hearing loss!  I had a hearing test within 2 hrs of onset...my left side hearing was little to none.  I was seen by an ENT within 4 hrs of onset and started prednisone and antiviral med immediately.  No improvement.  Within 6 week timeframe, I had the three sets of sterioid injections into the eardrum.  No improvement. 


It has been nearly 2 years now and I have tried the CROS hearing aids as well as earmolds and have worked with 3 different hearing aid (audiologist) centers.  After many trips back to the audiologists office for programming, I still found that all sounds were amplified so it was not better than being without any hearing device.  It was still a struggle to hear people through the background noise that was amplified as well.  I felt that the good ear was overloaded and I would continuously have headaches. 


I have been trying to find a recepient of a BAHA who has had the exact hearing loss type as I have..."Unilateral severe sudden sensorineural hearing loss".  I would like to know how the BAHA works for them, specifically in regard to background noises, air noise, wearing hats, sleeping on that side, headaches, infections at the site...

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