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One Week Past Surgery
One Year Ago
Missed the 2013 Cochlear Celebration due to work and other reasons. Is the 2015 Cochlear Celebration coming and if so, when and where?
CapTel Information
5 Years Ago
Hi Community Family,  I guess I'm like the long lost relative, popping up unexpectedly every now and then, one who never forgets family....
Fitness Centers
5 Years Ago
Hi Community Family,   Anyone interested in the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, go on home page and find...
5 Years Ago
Ok, my SilverSneakers don't go fast, YET!!!!!!!! BlueCross/BlueShield Insurance offers a program design for Seniors called "SilverSneakers...
My Third Mapping
5 Years Ago
Hello CI Community, I had my third Mapping about one and a half week ago. I go for 4th Mapping on Feb 17th.  All is well, I'm glad to have my...
My new Family
5 Years Ago
5 Years Ago
Hi Everyone, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! I have had a wonderful CI Journey for the holidays.  My last mapping was Dec. 2nd, (I've only had...
Hi everyone,  I'm really enjoying my CI journey. I had a great Thanksgiving, I flew to Jersey for a wedding and went to a Twelve Step...
 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had a  mapping on Mon, Nov. 23rd. My audi was out of the office for a week, so they...
The Good: I can carry on a conversation from room-room, don't have to be in same room. I can talk in the dark in the car. I was kind a...
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