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Missed the 2013 Cochlear Celebration due to work and other reasons. Is the 2015 Cochlear Celebration coming and if so, when and where?
CapTel Information
7 Years Ago
Hi Community Family,  I guess I'm like the long lost relative, popping up unexpectedly every now and then, one who never forgets family....
Fitness Centers
7 Years Ago
Hi Community Family,   Anyone interested in the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, go on home page and find...
7 Years Ago
Ok, my SilverSneakers don't go fast, YET!!!!!!!! BlueCross/BlueShield Insurance offers a program design for Seniors called "SilverSneakers...
My Third Mapping
7 Years Ago
Hello CI Community, I had my third Mapping about one and a half week ago. I go for 4th Mapping on Feb 17th.  All is well, I'm glad to have my...
My new Family
7 Years Ago
7 Years Ago
Hi Everyone, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!! I have had a wonderful CI Journey for the holidays.  My last mapping was Dec. 2nd, (I've only had...
Hi everyone,  I'm really enjoying my CI journey. I had a great Thanksgiving, I flew to Jersey for a wedding and went to a Twelve Step...
 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had a  mapping on Mon, Nov. 23rd. My audi was out of the office for a week, so they...
The Good: I can carry on a conversation from room-room, don't have to be in same room. I can talk in the dark in the car. I was kind a...
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