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Bad Friday

February 19, 2011
posted by  Bionic Borg

Here I preach to people how important not to mess with abutment, dressing or healing cap and I turn around and screw up!!!


Started my day waking up with cap pinching my leg. Freaked out the cap and dressing came off during the night.

Wasn't THAT hard cleaning area, gooping with ointment and getting the dressing and capback on...

This evening I'm thinking hmmm, be nice to have good pictures and took it off.

After the photo shoot I again goop with ointment and try mine you getting dressing and cap to snap back on...

After a good 30 minutes I wore that old cap out and broke one of the four locking pods.

Having a new one handy I attempted again.... and again, and again for about 20 minutes and gave up... Was getting a headache and can't be good for stitches or skull...

Knowing the healing cap is VERY important in the healing process of bone and titanium I headed out the door to our local fire/med department.

Anything else is 20 miles away.

Seeing neighbor still up I called and asked for help. She too tried and tried till she mentioned blood!!!! I was already reaching for her hand to stop in fear of breaking the only cap on a 3 day weekend.

Being REALLY hyper I run to fire/med.

They finally came out and attempted from the front door to snap it back on. They couldn't understand what a baha was nor understand the principles of that healing cap.

It's simple I started to scream at them... See the four locking pods?

Those lock with the outter ring of abutment. Abutment? GRRRRR!!!!

The lock on out side of cap locks with the inner ring of IMPLANT!!!

They try.... No luck!!!

Geeezzz,,, I feel like I'm driving a Swedish car with no mechanics!!

Wait.... I AM!!!!!

So, after settling down... I simply brought out the really thick ointment handed to me from hospital and applied that. Took the healing cap and with no problem snapped into the abutment and locked it into place.


You have no idea how up set a simple little thing can drive me crazy. Worse is when "others" can't even compensat how... More GRRRR'ss

Next time I ask someone to take picture from MY camera I'll ask someone from China. Next time I get my head drilled I'm doing it redneck style with a 24v cordless Black and Decker drill and have Granny from the Bevelly Hillbillies be my anesthestist.


I'll be fine... Got a headache from all the attempts and may have loosened abutment a bit but I know as long as area is clean and apply ointment once or twice a day it'll be good...

I WILL call my doctors office Monday just in case....


Funny.... Looks kinda like those plastic pieces used to keep pizza from touching the box lid. My pizza is so thin its concave "Concave Pizza"

So flat its <<< Concaved!!!!!   lolololol

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Bionic Borg

February 19, 2011

Can kick self in head...... Found my schedule made by Cochlear for Baha patients given from hospital. Says on second visit 10-14 days after if incision looks good which it they do everything will be removed including cap, strings and gown. 8.5 days.... Okay, heavy ointment, keep cap on till appointment on Thursday and everything be hunky dory. Whew.... Dent still puzzles me... its square!! And I mean really square shaped with 90 degree right angles.

February 19, 2011

Lol, Padrick your little antics made me laugh...although im sure at that moment it was not funny at all for you. In fact, you have me worried about how you are healing! I sure hope you don't get an infection. I know what you mean about it being frustrating that the fire/med people didn't know what to do. I went into the ER once with an infection there (my BAHA dr. is 4 hours away) and they had NO IDEA what to do for it and I ended up being sent up north anyways. Frustrating! Keep us posted, haha, on how your head is doing!

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