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My Story

Written beginning of January 2009: 


I was born with moderate to severe hearing loss progressing fast to profound and have been wearing an aid in my left ear for most of my 40 years.  I lost the hearing I had with the hearing aid November 3rd, the day before the 2008 presidential election =)


I had horrible tinnitus (buzzing and ringing...) went to Dr. Peters and took steroids for two weeks.  No change but a week later I found that I could wear my aid without getting dizzy and got used to what I could hear and it seemed like a little hearing has come back.  However, I have chosen to proceed with the implant as the hearing I have left is only vibrations and I still have the phantom buzzing and ringing...but it seems like it has improved some since that day in November...


My implant surgery is Jan. 14, 2009.  I have a little girl who is 4 and half years old.  She is so strong willed and has been praying for mommy to hear again as I want to be able to hear her voice and laugh again as I had before and possibly better! Can't turn that down =)


I am happily married to Paul who is hearing impaired and wears a digital hearing aid and loves it.  He is very supportive in the cochlear implant process I have been experiencing in the last 2 months getting prepared for the surgery.  My coworkers are excited too but I have always read lips very well so I have not had any problems in the workplace.


I have a growing relationship with Christ as well.  I know everything is going to be fine with patience needed on my part.  I cannot wait to share my upcoming journey and hopefully reach out and encourage others.  I feel that this just a way that God has provided for a new door to open and a new chapter in my life to begin.  Wow!


I will post updates in my blogs. Please feel free to read as you will find I love to talk! :)