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Carol B - Cochlear Volunteer Ambassador

My Cochlear Implant Story is one of great joy and certainly full of amazement. In 1996 I was seriously considering disability retirement,...

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Lil K. - Cochlear Volunteer

I have had two distinct hearing losses. Initially I had lost most of my high pitches over 20 years. I was evaluated for a regular ci...


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I have had a progressive hearing loss since my mid-30s when I began to wear two hearing aids.  My hearing continued to go downhill...

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TJ Smelko- Cochlear Ambassador

A special young man with a severe to profound bilateral hearing loss as a definite diagnosis since infancy due to premature birth and/or...

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SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

 DFW FUN EVENTI CAN HEAR YOU!!! Hi my name is Sharon I suffered from sudden onset deafness, after coming out of a coma. They say it was...


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Beth F Cochlear Staff

Since second grade when I read The Miracle Worker, I have been interested in hearing loss.  A unique opportunity in college not only...

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Carla B - Awareness Network Volunteer

Welcome to the Cochlear Community! It's an amazing place where you can connect with other cochlear implant users, even if you're just...


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Ralyn Jelus

Hello,  Welcome to the Cochlear Community. My name is Ralyn Jelus and I am so excited you are here! If you want to be connected to...

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Greg White - Engagement Manager

According to the first doctor my parents consulted about my suspected hearing loss when I was eight months old, I would never be able to...


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HI I am 61 years old so when I was in elementary school there were no hearing tests for children. In school I didn't seem to bright they...

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