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Sharing the gift of hearing this holiday season

December 15, 2010
posted by  Parri T - Consumer Engagement



Right now about 90% of the people who could benefit from a Cochlear implant are either still struggling with hearing aids or living in a world of silence.  And it’s more than 90% of the people who could benefit from a Baha are still struggling. There are so many people who could benefit from the technology who don't even know it exists. Tell everyone you know and people who ask “What is that?”  Don't underestimate the power of your sharing your story. You never know who you’re talking to. The next person you tell may have an Aunt, friend, Grandparent, parent, or co-worker who is frustrated with their hearing aids and wants a better option!  Hear a few things to share with others. 


What was life before you received your Nucleus cochlear implant or Baha?
You may describe how hearing loss affected your life, the challenges you faced due to your hearing loss, and why you decided to move forward with getting your Baha or Cochlear implant.


How has your life changed because of your Cochlear implant or Baha?
You could talk about the sounds you first recognized or how the relationships with your family and friends changed now that you can hear again. I'm sure you can think of many ways your life has changed due to your Cochlear or Baha implant.


Spread the word and enjoy your hearing holiday season!

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TJ Smelko- Cochlear Ambassador

December 15, 2010

When I got my first Nucleus 5 cochlear implant in July 14 of 2010, on activation day, I was hearing usually strange sounds at first then all of a sudden a couple weeks later, I could hear the "sh, st..and other sounds" This has caused a dramatic improvement in my speech. Today, I'm beginning to form an actual "auditory memory" which is a great advantage since having to hear speech and listening much more eaisly without notetaking, lipreading or sign language based communication. It made my life much more peaceful and without facing so much stress of listening well. One day, my brain tricked me into hearing actual speech without the concern of having to ask someone what was it saying. The PA announcer at work said "Sherry, would you please dial 215 please, thank you" When it said it twice, I was talking to myself, "Are you serious???, am I hearing this correctly?" I even laughed to myself and said OMG, I can actually understand what it was saying after 5 months of implant use. Man, what a blessing and I can't wait to go bilateral soon!! :) Every single day when I hear a new, but simple sound, it later becomes very complex, and I can say "Oh, I know what it is...I do know what it sounds like now." Cochlear Implants are such a true blessing!! Happy Holidays, TJ
Rustycms~ Cochlear Awareness Network Ambassador

December 15, 2010

HI Parri, Yes paying it forward is the greatest joy for me now, in any season,.I will continue to share the technology and dreams with others ~ thanks for the reminders ~~ Hugs, Rusty
Wayne P (Gatorfan)

December 15, 2010

Parri, Like Rusty and so many others in our community ,I too love to share my 'magical" ear hearing experiences with anyone and everyone. Some times I think maybe I talk too much about the wonderful cochlear technology that has helped me go from hearing challenged to "hearing enabled" in the last few months.Life has always been good for me but now it is even better because I am able to share so much more of myself with others because of my fantastic gift of hearing that I am now blessed to have because of my CI!!Happy Hearing and Happy Holidays!!!! Wayne

December 15, 2010

Parri , No sounds of silence , we are a pretty loud group here. It’s a good feeling knowing you educate others but knowing you actually helped someone is awesome! ... Marv
Jeanni Tj, Cochlear Awareness Volunteer

December 15, 2010

Hi, Parri...I completely agree with you re:sharing our experiences. Can you imagine someone who has been deaf for a period of time checking out this site and seeing letters like yours? I know it helped me in considering my first implant. Everyone, please keep the sharing of experiences ongoing! jeannitj
Ed Jaworski Jr

December 15, 2010

Since I didn't know what a cochlear implant was, until I went deaf. I often wonder about ways in which Cochlear could get the word out. If TV advertising is costly then maybe Newspaper ads with possible seminars. Maybe a booth at a large Fair with a presentation along with some people that have a Implant. Maybe a story and journey on PBS. At work I am always meeting people wondering what that thing is on my head. How do you take a shower. How does that work. I usually try drawing a diagram to show them. I often wonder if getting a small diagram to carry around would be helpful. Getting the word out I think, does require some serious thought by Cochlear on how best to advertise. Cochlear can post information on these sites, but if they do, they are usually only preaching to the choir. Just my two cents Have a great Holiday with you and yours From my Family to your family Merry XMas Ed J and Family
Linda Day

December 16, 2010

One of the first sounds I realized I was unable to hear was the tinkling of the Angel Chimes... you know, the one that twirls around as candles make it turn... Anyway, I ordered 3 of them after my CI surgery in 2005 just to make sure at least one would arrive before Christmas. My activation was 5 years ago today! (12/15/05) and by Christmas, I was able to hear the "clinking" of the chimes. They didn't really sound like chimes, but the fact that I could hear them at all was a miracle to me! Five years later, I enjoy Christmas music, chimes, bells, all the sounds of the holidays that I thought were gone forever before my CI. THANK YOU COCHLEAR and happy holidays to all!
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