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I am the fourth member of my family to receive a cochlear implant. My mother received hers in 1996, followed by my sister in 2007 and my brother in 2008.


I was implanted in June of 2009 and am still "acclimating" if you will, to the implant. The results in my mothers case and my siblings, have been life altering to say the least and I am hopeful that with time, I will enjoy similar results.


While the adjustment process is taking longer than I anticipated, there absolutely is improvement and my ability to function in my personal and business life has been significantly improved. Just taking a while for my "seasoned" (65 years old) brain to get retrained and I'm learning the three P's of Patience, Practice and Persistence.


The Sound and Way Beyond program has been extremely helpful and I would strongly encourage others to obtain and use this very valuable resource. This program is truly a virtual speeech therapist.


I recently sold my interest in a chocolate manufacturing company, a truly sweet endeavor, and have embarked on a new career in professional voice over work. See www.voiceinfusions.com for what I'm up to in that area. I don't believe that going into this kind of work would have been feasible in today's voice over environment, without getting the implant.


So, onward and upward as they say.