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Fire alarm

December 09, 2011
posted by  Elizabeth

Does anyone sleep with their CI on.  I was at a hotel that had a fire alarm go off, I did not hear it.  It was a false alarm thank goodness, but it worries me if it be real.  
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Michael Noble - A Cochlear Staff

December 09, 2011

Hello Elizabeth -- there are special alarms that you can purchase that has a sound sensor. So if a loud sound or a phone ring is detected, the alarm will go off. Also, when you make a hotel reservation and check-in, you can always request a special room with a strobe light or ask that they put in a special note that you are deaf. So if there's an emergency, they need to be sure to check your room. Hope this helps! Michael
Claudia J

December 10, 2011

Mike's suggestions are spot on. I have however, worn one of mine during the night (the one on the side I wasn't laying on) when I was in a situation when his suggestions weren't available and didn't have a problem. I did put on a new battery before I went to bed to be sure it would last through the night. Claudia
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