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Hi Everyone!  My 3.5 year old son got his right ear implanted in May and wears an N6.  He is getting the left ear done on Valentine's Day and I...
My son is scheduled to have surgery the 7th of next month and just received a letter from our insurance that the procedure was denied and not deemed...
Cochlear Wire
3 Days Ago
STORIESSound Uninterrupted: David lost his processor in a lake!January 5, 2017 by Guest WriterBy:David Edmonson – Volunteerdavid-edmonsonI love my...
Mindy Morgado
3 Days Ago
I'm posting to share my experience to hopefully prepare others, although I know it's not the same for everyone.  I had my first implant...
3 Days Ago
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7 Months Ago
One Year Ago
David and I are participating in a clinical trial.  University of Texas Dallas.  This is going to be awesome when complete.  This new...
 I am sitting here  listening to a Bango play I'll Fly Away.  I was in a complete circle of joy with David I and our mini mic.  Only...
most of you know that I was a long term here in person until the age of 60. At that time I became very ill and was in a coma upon waking up I was found to be...
Cochlear Rocks!
One Year Ago
I have another exciting things to tell you about the mini Mic.  I have found now on several occasions while using the mini Mike watching TV with David a...
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