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CI's with Confidence!

September 29, 2011
posted by  Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

I volunteer for a Catholic Mom's group near my hometown and the other night, we had a meeting at 7 p.m. There were a group of 8 - 10 ladies there at the meeting and I realized that even though I was extremely tired mentally and physically, I was actually quite relaxed and able to follow the agenda without difficulty!


We covered alot of ground as it was the first meeting for the year and we were discussing 2 different retreats that we are planning. I felt like I was really on top of things this year.


I used to hate it when people would ask a question where my name would be at the end of the question rather than at the beginning. ... You know what I mean...


"Where can we find the list of 2011 attendees, Debbie?"


rather than


"Debbie, where can we find the list....?"


If my name were at the beginning, I'd have a shot of answering the question the first time because it would snap my attention. I would still put so much pressure on myself to answer correctly!


If I wasn't paying attention or attuned, I'd miss the question - embarrassing! Now, I find that I'm not alarmed because I hear the question regardless of where my name is (or isn't is) and then answer accordingly.  I used to worry so much about not hearing the question correctly so I just never answered it if it didn't apply to me. Now I simply answer if no-one else jumps.


How great is that! A huge confidence booster, I'll say! I was feeling like it was a pretty darned productive meeting without things being repeated to me. Wow! Don't think the other ladies noticed but who cares, I noticed!


I love it. Love my bilat CI's! 

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Brenda Shepherd-Cochlear Awareness Network Ambassador

October 02, 2011

Debbie, I can relate to your experience. I only wore hearing aids for three years before being implanted with my first CI. I NEVER wanted anyone to call on me or even speak to me because I knew I would not be able to understand them.It was so embarrassing after having hearing all my life. I now have Confidence again in ANY situation with my Bilateral CI's! :)
Debbie M. - Cochlear Ambassador (PA)

October 03, 2011

Soooo fantastic Brenda!!
SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

October 03, 2011

Yes you should be pretty darn proud of yourself. This is such a confidence builder great blog for those just beginning. Debbie you have come so far on a constant level that it really helps all. Especially if they follow your blogs. I really loved being at the training seminar with the likes of you we learned so much from each others imput, didn't we. This is "Great" Debbie. ~SharonC~

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