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New to this Site and Blogging!

July 03, 2010
posted by  Bowmac



Like OMA, I am new to blogging so if there is something else I should be doing to find “friends" please let me know.  Also, if there is a different forum I should be asking my questions at please let me know.  I have made my page open to members so that all can read my profile and respond. 


I want to thank all the members of this site for your insight and stories.  It has really helped me to feel that I’m not alone and that there is support from people who know what life is like without full hearing.  Your input regarding the surgery and care after surgery has been very helpful.  After reading so many blogs I'm not as nervous about the surgery or after care.  At this point I don’t have many questions for my doctor.  If any of you feel there are some important questions I should ask please let me know……Thank You!   



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July 03, 2010

Welcome to our site! You'll find lots of friends and resources here. It's a great way to meet the community and see others experiences. There are lots of BAHA people, but probably more CI people. At least the CI people seem to be a little more involved. Don't let that deter you, we are all walking a path to better hearing. As there are more posts on your blog, more will see you and "friend" you. Be sure to read profiles and blogs. Again, welcome - GRAMMYP

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