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Bilateral Cochlear Implants

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CommentAuthorRichardPoc CommentTime Mar 6th 2016  
I did a bilateral implant on 12/8/2015 and switched on the Nucleus 6's 1/8/2016. I wore hearing aids from age 7 until I was 30 then I passed a threshold and aids would no longer work. I was totally deaf for 35 years until the CI.

It has been nothing short of phenomenal! I have been listening to lectures, talk radio and having 'normal' conversations with 100% comprehension.

The world has opened up and it expands every day!
CommentAuthorBillyRue CommentTime Feb 29th 2016  
I was bilateral implanted on 1/14/2016 and activated on 2/15/2016. I had no side effects from the implants and they healed properly. I did have some other health issues after the surgery .not related to the implants
My progress with my Nucleus 6 has been great. I had worn hearing aids for 35+ years and reached the point where they were not of much help. I have heard sounds and understand people talking better Thani have in years. I try to use Angel Sound a couple hours a day for rehab and that seems to help.
CommentAuthorHarmonyCreek CommentTime Nov 30th 2015  
I have had progressive hearing loss since my mid-30s (mid 1990s) and began wearing hearing aids in 2001, in my late 30s. I started with in ear aids, then BTE in both ears in 2008. I was just bilaterally implanted with Nucleus 6 on Nov. 19, 2015, and would love to chat with someone about all things bilateral. Anyone bilaterally implanted at same time?

I've done really well after surgery except for some taste issues. Not the greatest right before Thanksgiving, but I'll probably get away without the extra weight gain through the holidays this year:)

My activation date is December 15th, and I've read so many articles and blogs, but everyone's story is different, of course. I'm looking for feedback from bilateral implantees, and especially someone implanted at same time.