Cochlear Community: Parents & Kids

Cochlear Community is a social networking site that can increase your/ your child's circle of friends. Our objective is to help you, and your family, connect with other families who have had similar experiences in managing hearing loss and finding treatment options. However, social networking sites can also can increase exposure to people with less than friendly intentions. We want your experiences on the Cochlear Community to be beneficial to you as well as safe. Here are tips for helping your kids use social networking sites safely:

  • Help your kids understand what information they should keep private.
  • Explain that kids should post only information that is OK for the public to see.
  • Use the privacy settings in offered by the Cochlear Community to restrict who can access and post on your child's website.
  • Talk to your kids about what activities and discussions are inappropriate.
  • Talk to you kids often about their online experiences, participate with them. Make sure they know to trust their gut if they have suspicions. If they feel like something is wrong, chances are that it is.

What measures is Cochlear taking to help protect children in the Cochlear Community:

  1. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to create their own membership account.
  2. Parents or caregivers of children who are between the ages of 13-17 may create an account, and have the option of creating a sub-account for their child if the child chooses to participate actively in the Community. The parent can monitor all activity and communications. Parents also have several privacy settings to choose from ranging from public to private. They can have the profile van be viewable by the public, or to those who can access by invitation only.
  3. Parents or caregivers who have children under age 13 who wish to actively participate in the Cochlear Community can do so by completing and returning the Registration and Permission Form signed by the parent. All activity and communications may be monitored by the parent. Parents may adjust the privacy settings at any time. Please refer to the Children's Online Privacy Policy for more information.
  4. Please send the completed Registration and Permission Form with your signature to:
    Cochlear Americas Attn: Cochlear Community Administrator
    13059 East Peakview Avenue
    Centennial, CO 80111
    Fax to: 303.524.6861
    or by

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