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May 17, 2012
posted by  Chris Michelson

Ok I am sure everone love their snugfit. I sure do but it seems that It dont last very long. I got 2 when I first got my goodie box and found out in Online store cost $36.00 and $34.00 for the microphone protector applicator and removal tool wow not cheap I tell ya. 


The soft part that hooks around your bottom loop of your ear seems to brake down and falling apart. They should of make it stronger to last longer.


I am trying to log in the online store seems they most of redid their lay out or something that would have to refill out the nickname and password again. ugh they did that the last time. oh well.  

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Chris Michelson

May 17, 2012

Ok I was able get new password to get in. I do not see Snugfit and the Micophone protector anywhere in the Online store. so where i get them at Ebay?
Karen (aka grammaK)

May 18, 2012

I have never used a Snugfit and don't have trouble with it not staying on, but if I was more physically active I would definitely try one. I haven't logged on to the online store for awhile, but you should be able to order the microphone protectors and anything else you need, for that matter, from the online store. Guess I need to check this out :)
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