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I have a connexion 26 protein deficiency.  My family did not use sign language as I grew up, though I began learning it in second grade.  I connected with the Deaf community in college, and began to use sign language exclusively at that time.

I qualified for CI surgery in April of 2010, and chose my left ear to go first.  My first CI surgery was 2 June 2010, with activation on 28 June 2010.

CLICK HERE to see my first CI activation (left) video.

I worked very hard, practicing listening rehab six to nine hours a day, and wearing the microphone attachment for six months to improve speech.

My second CI surgery (right) was 22 December 2010.

I am now a bilateral cochlear implant recipient.

UPDATE 06/10/11:

I love my CI's, and I love being bilateral.  I am finally learning how to use this cochlear website, so hope that helps, too.  

My personal blog is here:  www.housewifeclass.com

P.S.  I am LDS, and would love to find other LDS people with CI.


UPDATE 02/27/14:

I have just been approved by my insurance for the upgrade to N6!

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