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March 03, 2012
posted by  anita1228

Hoping everyone is safe after those storms yesterday. My father watched one go over his house, it started over us but didn't develop for about 15 miles. They are ok, no damage that we know of. The one that hit Tellico plains was close to my son, they are safe too. We live in a mobile home but went to Mike's mom's apartment, thought it was safer due to being built of brick but after seeing all the pics, idk.



Mike had some static during the storms, but I guess that is to be expected.

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SharonC Cochlear Volunteer- Ambassador

March 03, 2012

So glad all is well for "All" of your Family. Can understand the static during the storm. Sure all is well now. Mike seems to be moving quite well. Glad to know they have a #6 magnet now. ~SharonC~
msmukey (Pat)

March 03, 2012

Our area was not so lucky. We had a tremendous amount of damage about 8 miles south of where we live. 4 deaths and numerous homes totally destroyed. I was plenty safe where I live, but both my sons were in harms way. Thankfully their work places were not hit. One works in a grocery store and they were putting the customers in walk in coolers to keep them safe. It was very scary.
Karen (aka grammaK)

March 03, 2012

Anita - tornados are SO scary - glad you stayed safe!
@Pat - you must have had some VERY anxious moments though - glad your family was spared!
Jeanni Tj, Cochlear Awareness Volunteer

March 03, 2012

I was just looking at the weather forecast, and they are saying that there is a good chance these same areas may be hit AGAIN tonight....Many years ago, I was on the 'fringe' of an area called Plainfield as a tornado struck just a couple blocks is amazing the force and the unpredicatability of these things....I remember vividly how 3 homes were destroyed--just rocks were left--and then there was 1 home completely untouched except for some debris that had blown on the lawn...this was a day care center that had about a dozen toddlers inside...all unhurt (Thank You, God). Please cross your fingers, toes, eyes, whatever and keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. JeanniTj

March 03, 2012

Thoughts and prayers to all who's lives are impacted by the tornadoes.
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