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After a 15 month insurance battle and a whole lot of prayer, I had surgery on December 20th.  I was supposed to have bilateral implants but due to some complications, only received one.  Tomorrow is activation.  I struggled a bit with recovery but am doing so much better.  I am nervous about activation.  As there were complications with surgery, I am wondering if there will be some complications with activation.   Mostly though, I am excited.  A whole new journey begins :)
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Blog Entries
The Sound Booth
5 Years Ago
Today was my 4th mapping and the first time back in the sound booth since the test that qualified me for a CI.  If you want to see panic rise within me...
Auditory Therapy
5 Years Ago
It's been 16 days since I have been activated and I am very happy with my progress in those 16 days.  My first thought at switch on was "this...
It has been a long time since I have been on this community site.  I think my difficulty in choosing a brand and my difficulty with battling my...