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Introducing the Nucleus 6:

Get the latest information about the NEW Nucleus 6 sound processor.

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Bilateral Cochlear Implants

Information for those who are considering or have bilateral cochlear implants.

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Discover information and questions about the Baha System.

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Nucleus 5 User's Group

To share information with those who have and are considering the Nucleus 5 System.

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John B - Cochlear implant recipient

For more than 27 years I wore hearing aids. Today with Cochlear Hybrid Hearing I’m able to use the hearing I have and have access to the sounds I was missing.


Cristen P – Parent

My daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at 8 months. Today she is a typical 17 year old that loves life, everything she can to do is because of her cochlear implants.


Dan N - Baha recipient

I’m deaf in one ear. I tried the Baha after years of wearing CROS aids. Thanks to the Baha I am now able to function normally in work, home, and social situations.

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