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Found out date of implant 4/2709

April 27, 2009
posted by  Nicole

I found out that one my insurance will cover my C.I.'s and that I am going bilateral..  I also just found out that I am scheduled June 3rd, 2009!!!  WOWSER!!


I am very excited and nervous at the same time!!  I want a better quality of life, but I have lived with hearing aids the majority of my life, so why change.  Well I need the change.  Especially if I want to hear my children.  I want to be able to talk on the phone and everything else that goes with hearing...


I have some C.I. friends and they have told me some things about the surgery.  I am scared, but it helps having people who have gone through it and will understand andhelp me out!! 


I have decided that everyday I will post something, whether it's about how I feel or any new updates.. 


I would also like to thank everyone for all the words of encouragements and support. 


My mom, husband, and aunts are going to help me out while I recover and am shut off to the world.  he he.... 


Take care everyone, you are all in my heart and prayers.  Stay healthy!!


Love me

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