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Cochlear Implant is a GO!! Things to do!!

April 28, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Well I got the final email!! 


The surgery is scheduled, June 3rd, at 6:30 in the morning..  At Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee!!


I was really nervous, but I am becoming more and more excited!!  I have become friends with other C.I. recipients and they have helped me ease my mind.  Giving me an idea of what they went through.  Two of them had the same doctor too!! 


Today I talked to my mom about what color receiver I should have.  I'm thinking PINK!!!  What do you think??


I think the other thing I look forward to is music.....  I had a chance to try my sister in laws IPod and LOVED IT!!  I haven't listened to music in sooo long, so I can't wait to listen to it again when the C.I.'s are in..  IPOD here I come!!  I hope the cost of them have gone down!!  Maybe a xmas present mmmm???


I have a few things I have to do yet before the surgery..  I have to have  physical, shot, finalize CI brand and colors.. 


The doctor wants me to get a meningitis shot (pneumonia shot) to prevent meningitis, because there is a small percentage of people who have gotten it fromt he CI surgery..  Very low percentage..


 Over all I am ready to get it done and over with!!!


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