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Color of my Cochlear Implant

May 01, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Okay, I have decided to be wacky, fun, and serious.  whoooo hoooo.


I ordered my C.I.'s today..  I got brown to match my hair and PINK TO BE FUN!!!!  he he he.. 


Why not right..  If I have it, might as well show it off when I have the chance or the NERVE.. 


All is good today and been nervous, but I am keeping myself busy... 


My mom is here helping me switch my kids rooms around and next week she is going to take me upnorth for a little R & R..  I need it..  Thanks mom..


Hubbie went up north to go fishing this weekend with pops and bro..  Must be fun, mom sent a truck load of food up with them.. 


Mainly, I am keeping myself busy so I don't think about it..  But I am anxious and excited.  I am not looking forward to the post op ordeal.. But I'll get through it..  I'll have my mom hold my hand..  awe...


Plus my Aunt Mickey and Aunt Peggie are going to help me out too..  mmmm do you think I can have my Aunt Mickey make me my favorite banana bread with chocolate chips...???  mmmm..  I know Aunt Peggie can make me laugh with her goofy attire and gestures.. 


Overall, I have a great support group of family and friends......... 


Alright, good night all, talk to you later!!


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