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My son has questions...

May 06, 2009
posted by  Nicole

My 4 year old son Tyler was laying in bed with me last night and simply asked, "Mom when will you be able to hear me."


I told him the process of the surgery again and said that after June 29th I should be able to hear him.  He said, "YEAH, mom, I can't wait until you can hear me." 


I was sooooo sad, I didn't realize that he even cared.  Or that he even thought about it.  But he said mom, I don't like it when you can't hear me.  oh, I said..  I dont' like it that I can't hear you either.. 


He was trying to tell me a story last night and I just couldnt' get it.  Mike said, just agree and say huh huh.  Then he was fine.  But he was getting really frustrated with me because I kept saying, "honey, I can't hear you or understand you."  Oh well.. Lifes little lessons...


I am excited and I think that Tyler really understands that I can't hear and hoping that I will be able to.. I hope it works.  I know it will, that is the way I have to think!!!

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