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Call me selfish

May 06, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Okay, yes you can call me selfish..


But I am a little frustrated right now..  There are a lot of things going on in June!!!  Because of my surgery, I feel awkward and I won't be able to hear..  mmm, was having this surgery in June a good idea..  I want the surgery and I want to go to all these parties and stuff. 


mmm, I want to go to this one party and may hire an interpreter or something, but I have to figure out cost.  Otherwise someone said they would help me out, but you know that is weird for me.. 


Oh well, a month of missing out on things for a lifetime to catch everything..  mmm  I guess I have to weigh it out..  I would rather have the surgery...  LOL


Sorry just had to get that out..  lol

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