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May 13, 2009
posted by  Nicole

I have been doing a really good job in keeping myself busy since I found out about having the surgery..  However, this week was kind of slow..  Now I am nervous, anxious, and just thinking about it.. 


I know everyone thinks about what could happen and tries to think positive.  As I am.  However, I can't help but think of the what if's..  I need to stop.  I need stuff to do again!!!  I really need to keep my mind off of it..


I am trying to get my house prepared and ready, so I don't have to worry about anything when the surgery is over.  Also, two of my aunts are going to stay with me while I am "off", so I would like it to be decent for them too.. he he he...


I just have soooo much on my mind..  I am feeling pretty lucky and feeling good with life. 


Olivia is walking around like crazy now..  I lose her pretty fast these days..  Yesterday we were out in the backyard and the kids and my neighbors kept helping me keep an eye on her..  She was really good though about not going too far..  Tyler kept testing my hearing yesterday and finally said, "ugh, hold on, I'll come over and talk to you!!"  LOL  Poor kids..  But he knows I can't hear and if he wants to talk to me, he knows I need to look at his lips and he has to be close.. 


I'm sure I'll be on a lot today since all I am doing is thinking.. 


Love you all!!!!!!!!!

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