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May 16, 2009
posted by  Nicole

I have a bone to pick with Walmart!!!


Okay I have been working on a project for the VisionWalk and need to call all the Walmarts in a certain area.. 


Well there are probably 30-40 of them I am calling..  Well I am using relay (tty) because I can't hear on the phone anymore.  Well when I call relay, I give them the phone number and the person I need.  The relay person then calls the number.  Well the line picks up the relay person has to identify themselves and say they are helping someone on the phone or whatever..  6 different Walmarts have hung up on me.  One Walmart in my town hung up on me 6 times in one day.  Another Walmart hung up on me twice.  So now I am telling the relay person to NOT identify themselves until we get to the person I need.  I tell the relay person everything I am doing before we make the call.  This is not how it's usually done. 


I feel discriminated against!!  This is just terrible.  I was in tears yesterday!!  I was p.o.'d!!  But I will not let them hold me down.  I am sending a letter out to those Walmarts and educating them.  They need it.. 


I never let my disabilities hold me down, but the worst they get, the worst the obstacles become!!  Crossing the street, making a telephone call, keeping an eye on my daughter inthe back yard.  Listening for her.  Listening to my son tell me things.  They are all becoming harder challenges.  And they are such easy things to do!!!


I am not very happy with Walmart at the moment, but it's not the store in general, it's inconsiderate people answering the phone.. 



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