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disciplining my children

May 20, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Okay I have a lot to say and will have three diff post today.. whew.. 


Anyways, I have noticed now that it is nicer out and more people are out, I am having a harder time with the kids. 


The first problem is this.......  My son likes to sassy talk once in awhile.  Which I think is pretty typical for a 4 yr old boy.  But I get looks sometimes from other parents when I don't discipline it.  Well more than half the time, I don't hear it.  So how can I correct something if I dont' know..  But someone blamed me the other day for their child now sassy talking.  What can I do..  I talk to Tyler and explain to him right and wrong. 


I mean there are soooo many things that my children get away with because I don't hear.  So why do people judge sooooo much..  I am doing the best that I can.. 


I know most parents don't want other people to discipline their child, but a week ago, a friend said something to Tyler and then apologized to me.  I told her, no! I dont' mind, if I miss something and you see or hear it, please help me out..  So I know it's a tough boundary.. 


Oh well, I really can't do more than I already am, I am doing the best I can as a parent.  I am proud of my children and am proud of myself taking on this kind of job with 2 disabilities..  I love being a mother and wouldn't trade it for the world, but it is definitely harder than I expected.  I probably would have more children if it weren't for my disabilities, but who am I to say, I don't know the difference with out them..  mmmmm  something to ponder..



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