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May 20, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Oh, I am soooo excited about the VisionWalk. 


We have been working sooo hard on it.  I couldn't have done half the things I did without my mom, pops, friends, and family!!  Oh can't forget hubbie too!! 


He bought me tennis shoes for mothers day to keep up with Olivia walking and for the VisionWalk..  YEAH!!


We are sooooo close to reaching our goal.  I have been busy on the phone trying to get sponsors.  I will never give up hope that there is treatments around the corner.  I am excited that the cochlear implants will help me, but I wish I could my vision back too..  


I know having the C.I.'s will help me out and make things a little easier, that is if the C.I.'s work!! 


We got t-shirts made and my aunt Mickie made the logo, pretty cool!!!  So we will be a bright team of 30 or so people down at the lakefront!!!


Yeah a few more weeks!!

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