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morning of surgery

June 03, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Well I am up.  Not ready, but up..  lol


I am not nervous at all about the surgery itself.  I am more nervous about the post op..  I have just heard stories how people are after the surgery.  I am not looking forward to it.. 


I have gotten sooooo many well wishes!!  Thank you everyone.  It's amazing the amount of support I have.  I am truely blessed and lucky!! 


We played games all day yesterday and went out to eat with three of my girlfriends, Beth, Julie, and Robyn.  It was a fun time and everyone helped me keep my mind off of it.  Then my cousin Stacy, two aunts and my mom played more games and laughed our butts off.  Then off to bed. 


I am hoping I am well enough to blog when I wake up, but we will see..  Til then, talk to you all later.  My last moments with a hearing aid..  goodbye my rightie and leftie aids!!  lol



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August 07, 2009

I call mine: RedZee and BlueZee
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