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Experience Day of Surgery

June 14, 2009
posted by  Nicole

I was okay the morning of the surgery, I think I was more nervous leading up to the day of, but not that morning..


After I woke up from surgery in the recovery room, I noticed a sharp pain in my left arm and shoulder.  They wanted to monitor me because that was signs of heart distress.  I didn't even notice my head at all because my arm hurt sooooo bad..  But after a few hours it went away and I was fine.  They didn't tell my mom what was going on and she was freaking out and then after I got to the room they told her.  SHE WAS MAD!!  If something is wrong, you should have told me.  oops!  lol


After the arm pain went away, I started asking for ice chips cuz my throat hurt from being put under.  But not bad..  People kept trying to talk to me.  I wonder if they ever read my chart or did anyone know what kind of surgery I had.  FINALLY, I said I CAN'T hear!!  The nurse laughed and said I am soooo sorry, wait let me write that down..  lol So then they all started to either look right at me or write it down.. 


After recovery room they wheeled me back to room..  oooooooooooh not soooo fun!!  That made me really nauseous.  Once I got in my room and settled, I started to vomit.  It didn't hurt or anything, but I needed to get it out.  I actually felt better after I did.  Well then I did again 15 min. later.  This time all blood.  My mom was nervous so she called the dr.  I also peed my pants.  LOL  I asked if I still had the catheter in and the nurse said no, I said, oops, I peed the bed!!  LOL 


So the dr. came and said that the blood was fine, it was because the blood was draining from my ear to my stomach inside where they did the surgery and apparently my stomach doesn't like it.  I guess I'm not a vampire afterall.  he he  Well I tried to eat and i did throw up one more time.  I finally took a pill to help my stomach and then I was fine. 


I couldn't focus on anything at all.  IT seemed to me that the surgery affected my eyesight, for that night anyways!! 


I finally fell asleep at 10:00 and of course they woke me up every three hours need it or not!!  So I was up at midnight, 3, 6, and for the last time 9 and then they started my discharge papers and stuff.  I went home at 10:00..


The pain overall, was not bad.  I really didn't even feel like I had major head surgery.  They said that I would have severe migraines, none!!  They said I would be really dizzy, none!!  Really the only thing that bothered me was the tight headwrap!!  It felt like my head was going to pop!!  he he.. 


OH, before I forget.  I also played a prank with the help of my surgeon on a learning surgeon.  When they do the surgery, they are afraid that sometimes they will damage nerves that affect facial muscles.  Well I can lift my lip pretty well on my right side.  Well Dr. Friedland asked me if I would hold it there and talk to the student surgeon, I said sure!!  Well the student came in and I started talking to him with my lip up and at first he said your joking, but I wouldn't put it down. All of a sudden he gave me a blank stare, like oh no!!  I was really serious and said what happened during surgery.  Is my face goign to stay like this..  Then Dr. Friedland came in laughing..  It was awesome!!  But I know it does happen and it's not funny, but we wanted to teach the young doc a lesson I guess..  Whatever, I was drugged up and out of it and I thought it was funny.. 



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August 07, 2009

That's not funny!

August 08, 2009

Oh my God that is so funny lol I wish I could see the Dr. face!!!MIKEE

August 08, 2009

Sorry, but that was a sick joke. Not funny at all!
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