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recovery at home after surgery

June 14, 2009
posted by  Nicole

After spending the night in the hospital, I went home to my aunt Mickie's house.  It was a beautiful day and I felt better sitting outside than I did inside.  Thank goodness she has wonderful patio furniture.  I was sooooo comfortable out there. 


I couldn't watch tv at all or be on the computer much because my eyes just were not taking it at all... 


The head wrap was driving me crazy..  I couldn't wait to take it off.  I had a huge head, but we all already knew that.  he he.  I had to spread my glasses as wide as I could with the head wrap, cuz I can't see without them.  But I made do..  I punctured small like holes in my head wrap away from my incisions of course, and put my glasses through those holes, so my glasses would actually stay up.. 


I stayed outside the majority of the day and rested. 


The next day, oh my goodness, what a beautiful day it was.  Not only was and did my headwrap come off, the sun was out, good food made, relaxation, shower, and overall, much more comfortable day.. 


I was pretty miserable until 2:30pm because of the headwrap, it was on pretty tight.  But I just sat outside again and waiting and counted the minutes.  The time came and the headwrap off.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!


Seriously, that is what I did when it got cut off.  But the only problem was, who ever wrapped my head, pinched the top of my ear and it hurt!!  Today, I am finally starting to get feeling back on the top of my ear.  yikes..  oh well.  I wasn't gonna sweat it.  Then shower..  I took a shower and washed my hair lightly!  My mom helped me and I had a seat too.  That felt good.  Then we sat outside the rest of the day.  My aunt Mickey made me banana bread and then my mom, Aunt Mickey, and Aunt Peggie had a bbq rib cookoff.  I have to say my mom won.  They were all good, but just a little diff.  I like more kick to mine.  yummy!!  Then cheesecake.  I'm telling you, I ate and ate and ate some more. 


Brad and Kimberly came over for a visit and had lunch with us, again yummy!!  Brought me flowers and we hung out!  Oh I also got some lovely flowers from Lisa, my best friend...  Then we packed and got ready to go.. 


The ride home was terrible.  So if anyone travels out of town for the surgery, give yourself a few more days.  I left Sunday morning early, I should have waited until Tuesday or something.  The ride home was miserable!!  I felt like I was going to vomit the whole way home... 


I did start to get a nauseous, dizzy, vertigo feeling on Saturday and it slowly started going away after a week.. It was hard sleeping without the head wrap because I have a tendency to sleep on my side, well, my ears didn't like that too much.  It wasn't bad though. 


So overall, the recovery wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.  I really was expecting the terrible migraines and the gosh awful dizziness.  But neither really happened.  When I did get dizzy, I just sat down and it would go away..


So that concludes my recovery time.  Check back to read about my status of being DEAF!! and being turned on..

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