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One more day til I hear!!!

June 28, 2009
posted by  Nicole

Hi everyone again!!


Okay, tomorrow is the big day and I get my implants turned on.  How exciting!! 


I really have been waiting for this day to come, because, like I said, i don't like being deaf.  It's soooo hard to communicate and I feel left out of different things..  I was okay with it because I knew it wasn't goign to be forever.  But I can't imagine if it were forever how I would be dealing with it.. 


I have to get ready to go, but tmrw is the big day and really can't wait to hear my kids voices.  To hear friends and family.  I know it's going to be another frustrating transition.  But I am still excited!! 


Wish me luck everyone!!!  I will post tmrw how I am doing.  I will prob bring my laptop with me.. 



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