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Long time since last post!

April 24, 2010
posted by  Nicole

Okay soooooo much to say and just haven't had the time to say it...


1st.  I have had a lot of messages in regards to my blog and I first want to THANK those who supported me and gave me kind words!!  They were definitely needed!  I couldn't have done it without all of you!!!  Even my new cochlear friends! 


2nd.  I have also had some messages in regards to my joke against the doctor.  I know some of you were mad and some of you thought it was hilarious...  You have to understand that being hard of hearin or now deaf with CI's is not my only disability...  I have many others and have learned to accept them and live life to the fullest...  Life is short and sometimes it's okay to have a little fun...  The main surgeon was even in on it...  Just so you know, I have been that person that comes out of surgery with the bad outcome!  So It's not like I was judging anyone or putting anyone down..  So come on, laugh a little!  Everyone around me, including the doctor we pulled the trick on thought it was hlarious and no one got hurt! 


3rd...  since I haven't posted in a long time, I wanted to let everyone know how I am doing!  I am doing fantastic!!!  That is with cochlear implants!  i say those first three months were awful!!!  But I am soooo glad that I stuck through it and just kept practicing with sound!  I love it...  I am learning sooo much and just truely enjoy ever single thing about hearing...  Now it doesn't mean I don't have some dislikes with cochlear implants, but hearing definitely out weighs those petty little things I don't like... 


4th..  Sorry for not posting sooner!  I just have had a crazy life the last year!!!  I will post more when I can.. 


FINALLY!  Just to let you all know it's awesome and would definitely recommend CI's to anyone!!!!!!!!!  Just have to have patience and perseverance!  You can do it!!!  It's awesome! 





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May 24, 2010

So happy I met you at VISION Conf in 2008. Thrilled you are doing so well with your fabulous C I's. Hearing better really does make life easier. Wish you could stop by the coming 2010 HLAA Convention in Milwaukee. We got a few Ushers ocming. Maybe 6 to 8 people. My opinion, "not enough." Keynote speaker has Usher. ...... Foundation Fighting Blindness "FFB"....Are you a "FFBee" lady. Our Usher friend, Judy Kahl from South FL has the "bee" t-shirts and variety of stationery. She said you are working with her!!! Judy is bilateral with Freedoms too !!!! Loves it!!!!! HUGS and miss you!!!!
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