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January 25 2010


I have cochlear otosclerosis in both ears.  I started going deaf around age 30 - I am 60 now - and lost all hearing in my right ear about 15 years ago.  Although my left ear was very bad for many years I wore an aid and managed fairly well until it too deteriorated so much that an aid was no help. 


Last April 10 (2009) I received a Nucleus Freedom for my right ear. I did have a choice of which ear to implant and I chose to go with the "worst" ear first because I wanted to keep what little hearing I had in my left ear.  


Gradually (since the first implant) I realized that my left ear needed a CI too!  By that I mean that although I knew intellectually that my left ear was very bad I guess I thought keeping that tiny bit of natural hearing was somehow helping me.  Well, it really wasn't.  It took being able to hear again in my right ear to get me to that conclusion. 


So, I decided to try for authorization from my insurance company for a second CI (I had no idea whether they would ok it so soon after the first surgery).  Happily, they did and I just received a Nucleus 5 on January 15, 2010.  I am scheduled to be activated on February 4th.  



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